January 2017

Classes will be offered this term but later than expected.
This term’s course is all about simplifying, finding the focus of a composition and being economical with the number of design areas within your rectangle. It is so tempting to try to say too much, to show too much. A composition is easily muddled in this way. Keeping it simple isn’t as easy as it sounds. Here I guide you to finding the essence of your own compositions through deconstruction and cropping.

Along with this broad goal we’ll continue to work on drawing skills with tonal values taking centre stage this time. So often tonal values within a painting are so close to each other that there is little to direct and interest the viewer. Seeing tonal values when painting in colour takes practice. You will get some of that this term.

There is at least one place available in my Friday morning class so do get in touch if you have Friday mornings off and would like a creative activity to inspire and challenge you. Beginners are welcomed. A 6-week course costs £180 and I offer a catch-up class to anyone who has to miss one but I ask students to make an effort to attend them all, to get the best from the experience.

We begin at 10:30am and finish around 1 pm or so. The atmosphere is friendly. We begin with a warm-up drawing and ease into the week’s theme with demonstrations and as much individual attention as is needed. We have excellent tea breaks too.

Easels are supplied as is whatever you have forgotten and usually some paper or bits and pieces as needed but you bring your own supplies in the main; paints, brushes and paper etc. I am happy to advise if you are uncertain what you need. I enjoy painting in pastels, oils, acrylics and water colour and am well equipped to teach techniques in all of these.

I am happy to give a single 2 1/2 hour lesson to anyone who wishes to learn privately. Dates and times for those sessions are arranged to suit us both. I charge £50 for one or £130 for 3 of these.

Dates for this course are…

February 3rd to March 10th


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